City Museum Excursion

We headed down to the City Museum Tuesday with the Chesterfield Stay at Home mom's group. We had a big enough group that they opened on a day that they are normally closed so we got our own private tour. City Museum is a very cool place with literally hundreds of tunnels and niches that kids love to climb in. We didn't play in the entire museum, but we spent a lot of time in the World Aquarium section (which I'd never seen before, pretty neat) and in the younger kids play area (lots of tunnels, etc but scaled down for younger kids).

The aquarium was great. Our tour guide brought out lots of animals for the kids to see and touch. They got to see a couple different kids of turtles, a ferret, a cockatoo, and Cole especially liked the bunny. In one part of the aquarium area, you can climb into a boat that has a window in the bottom so you can see the tank below. Then there is a plexiglass tunnel leading out the back of the boat that goes down through the tank, like a slide, back to the ground. The kids thought that was pretty neat. Cole was a bit afraid of it at first, but then he wanted to go back in. But by that time it was time for the group to move on to another section.

I'll have to take the kids back there again, especially when they are older. They have a lot of things geared towards school age kids.

Well I started this post Tuesday and am finally getting back to finish it on Thursday night. It's been a busy week overall. Wednesday Cole had his 'Let's Sing' class which has singing, dancing, and circle time for toddlers. I thought he might enjoy getting to do something without Adam once in a while. The first class he wasn't so sure about it and seemed very eager to go get Adam at the end of class, but the second class he seemed to enjoy it a lot. Then today, we went over to Dinah's house and just let the boys play. They were all very good (no fighting at all) so Dinah and I actually got a chance to visit for a while. I had a mom's night out activity tonight, so I left early and got some Christmas shopping done while I was out too. I think tomorrow we'll just stay close to home and relax!


Another watershed moment...

As in, lots of water was shed when I tried to take Adam's nighttime diapers away again. He just sleeps right on through it. He got up when I got in the shower, I asked him if he was wet and he said 'Yeah, I'm kinda wet'. Well he was soaked all down his leg. He may not have noticed as much since the pajamas were fleece, I don't think they feel as soggy when they're wet. We'll try again tonight and see what happens. I can't believe he's been potty trained in the day for more than a year but still no success at all at night.


We had a milestone with Cole today. I went to the gym today and he actually didn't cry as soon as we drove up, or when we walked in the door, or even when I brought him over to the toys and left to go workout. I guess he finally figured that mom's only going to leave him for 30 minutes. As soon as he saw me come back in the door to pick them up, he immediately looked around the room and found Adam and started dragging him by the arm to leave. Cole can't talk much yet but he knows how to get his point across.


My latest digital scrapbook page

Click for larger image

Here is the latest digital scrapbook page I put together. It is a snapshot of what Cole is like at 18 months. I intend to do one for Adam now too, but between making Christmas cards, stitching Christmas ornaments, and other events going on, I haven't gotten any more layouts done. I'm happy with the way this one turned out. I used a lot of doodles and flourishes to give it a whimsical feel. I haven't decided what I'll use for Adam's page yet.

Crazy weather we have had this year in St. Louis. This morning it is 59 degrees in the middle of November. Can't complain I guess. Weekend weather was gorgeous as well. We got in a couple of bike rides and walked up to church. I'm sure we're going to have to pay for this beautiful weather later. The quad bike is on order and the bike's design has been approved, so we should be in the queue for production of the bike. I don't know what the delivery date is supposed to be yet. It is going to come in pieces though and Dan will assemble. I have no idea how long assembly will take. Hopefully the bike will come mid-winter so that it can be ready to ride by spring.

Maybe later today I'll try tackling how to post pictures to this blog. More later.


We've officially got a blog!

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a long time, but hadn't gotten around to it until now. I can't imagine why I didn't find the time between two boys trying to fulfill the laws of entropy in the house, pets to take care of, and all of our activities we've got going on... But now that I finally got online to see how to set it up, this is pretty easy. I'll try to update regularly on what the kids and us are up to and once I figure this blogging thing out, I'll add some pictures and videos (if I'm feeling really adventurous).