Family Portrait

I thought I'd put our latest family portrait up too. This one didn't turn out too bad.


March Snow??

I hope this is the 'in like a lion' part so that the rest of March will be a lamb. We got 12.5" of snow on March 4. That's the biggest snowfall since I've been in St. Louis. Adam and Cole had a great time playing in all that snow.

The snow didn't last long though, two days later it was mostly slush and puddles, which the boys loved too...

Finally it is starting to look like spring around here though, we've had some nice weather days and the flowers are finally starting to poke up through the ground. Now is my favorite time of the year when all the spring flowers come up and the kids can spend all morning outside playing.


Lots of fun stuff

I see it's been a while since I've updated the blog. We've had a busy month in February. I started running again a couple months back (since we haven't gotten much biking in with all the snow and rain) and I've kept up with that this month. I've got up to 3 miles, which was my goal.

Now this weekend we finally had some good weather and we took the new bike out for it's first spin. Here's a picture of Dan and Adam on the bike. If the neighbors had been out, I'd have gotten a picture of all three of us...

The inaugural ride was to the grocery store, just to give it a try. The next day we took it out for a ride to Creve Coeur park. Adam did great, it was by far his longest ride to date. We stopped to let the kids play in the sand for a while. I wanted to turn back and not tempt fate (mostly thinking Adam would poop out soon) but Dan wanted to keep going. Well we tempted fate all right, we broke a timing chain. So there was only one chain to keep the bike going and since it has to be the set of pedals attached to the back wheel, it was me who had to push us back to the restaurant so Dan could call Doris and Terry to rescue us. It was a fun ride anyways, even with the mechanical problem.

This month Adam had his fourth birthday and Dan had his 50th. Time just keeps sneaking up on us while we're not looking. We did a low key birthday for both. Adam's fun day at the train store got postponed due to bad weather, it was freezing rain and sleeting on his birthday so we weren't going to head out driving in that. Of course, Adam got to open his presents and pretty much eat as much cake as he wanted (until even he had to admit he was sick of cake).

The boys got to go to a friend's birthday party at the Faust park carousel and they had a good time. They got to ride the carousel as much as they wanted for an hour or so, so they got a few rides in. So between valentine's day, and 3 birthday celebrations, we've had just about enough candy and cake!