We went on our first camping trip with the boys this past weekend. We went with some other families and had a great time. We only did a one-nighter since we wanted to be home to go to Easter service on Sunday, but it was a good test run for camping with the boys. I had a great time relaxing and the kids really had fun just running with all the other kids until they were exhausted. It was great for them to pretty much be able to run free with nobody checking on them.
The campsite itself was absolutely beautiful. We were at Ho'omaluhia Gardens, they have large grassy areas to camp on, reasonably close to the parking lot and decent bathrooms. We had a little rain the first night, and I think if we ever got some heavy rain we might be a little soggy in the morning. But we only got a little damp on this trip.
I still can't get over how pretty the whole gardens were and that we got to camp there. We'll definitely have to go back the next time the group heads out there or maybe we'll organize a few friends and head back over.
We had a nice Easter morning - early church and then the kids hunted for their baskets. The rest of the day has mostly been rainy so we've just hung out and relaxed.
Now it's back to reality, school and errands and all that fun stuff again tomorrow.

Here are some photos from the camping trip...

It really was this green!

The kids were playing Hot Potato

The older boys were working on starting a campfire

March Musings

Well, as usual another month has passed since I've blogged. Time just slips by and its another month before I know it.

This month we finally tried the box-car races that are right by our house. Talk about fun! Those little cars go pretty fast down that first hill. You roll them up a little hill to start and then let them go and try to stay in your lane around all the corners. At first, Adam was afraid to drive his own car but then he got brave and he did great. Some of the other kids there were driving off into the grass but Adam was speeding around the corners and kept it right in his lane. I don't think I'll hand over the car keys quite yet though...
Dan and Cole (car on the left)

Adam posing on one of the boxcars

The starting hill (Adam-middle car, me and Cole, car on the right)

I think Adam beat us on that run...

Other stuff this month, we helped out to put on the MOMS club Easter Egg Hunt. Here are Adam and Cole helping to stuff eggs. We had about 450 stuffed eggs in the kitchen by the time we were done.

We also took our first rides on the quad this month. I don't have any pictures of us all on the bike yet, but here is Dan with the bike at one of our rest stops along our ride.
More pics to come since we just got back from a great camping trip. It was soooo beautiful there!