Ohana Fun Fair

We went to the school's fundraiser fair tonight, the Ohana (family) fun fair. They had a big inflated slide and bounce houses along with some rides. There were a bunch of games that the kids could play too and win little prizes. The kids both had a good time. Cole surprised me though, there was one ride there that had a really long line. Adam didn't want to wait in the line but Cole decided that he wanted to ride that ride. He stood in line with me and waited patiently for probably a half an hour. He never complained once or even asked when it would be our turn. When we first got in the back of the line I even tried to talk him out of it, but he wanted to ride THAT RIDE. So I waited in that line with him the whole time. I had planned on riding with him, but the lady running the ride said most adults are pretty squashed in there, so I grabbed Adam and he got to ride with Cole. He had the biggest grin on his face the WHOLE time.



Here we are, getting ready for the big candy event of the year...
We met up with two other families and headed out around the neighborhood in search of sugar.
They were all so cute and they really had a good time going door to door and walking the neighborhood seeing all the other kids dressed up.
Now what do we do with all this candy? They each filled a gallon ziploc bag when we got home. I've found a few prize pieces in their bags (Andes orange chocolates, among others, Mmmm). It's all downhill from here calorie-wise. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. That's why we all make new year's resolutions!!