More March fun

We kept busy the rest of the week Dan was visiting too.  Here's a photo recap of all the sights we saw...

Hiked to Manoa Falls.  Since it had been rainy, the falls were gorgeous

 We spent a day being tourists down in Waikiki.  This is on the property of the Royal Hawaiian, the most iconic hotel on Waikiki.  (and one of the most expensive!)
 The royal Hawaiian from down the beach
 We also made a stop at the Punchbowl - National Cemetery of the Pacific
 Panoramic views from observation deck at the punchbowl

 We took a driving tour of the island and stopped by the chinaman's hat
 Adam found a coconut at the beach.  I shook it and it was full still so we brought it home to open up later.


Dan opening up the coconut we found at the beach

 Dan rented a Harley motorcycle one day to enjoy riding in the beautiful weather.
 We finished off the week with a trip to the beach.  We couldn't let him visit Hawaii without spending some time at the beach!

 Second beach stop that day - barbers point beach to see the lighthouse


Arizona Memorial

Monday of Dan's visit, we spent the morning at the Pearl Harbor Arizona Memorial.  I hadn't been down there since the new visitor's center opened in December.  The new site is gorgeous, it is all opened up with wide ocean views.  A huge improvement over the old center.  We spent some time walking around the grounds while we waited for our tour start time.  The tour of the memorial was somber as always.  

When we finished that, we headed over to tour the battleship Missouri.  I had never toured that vessel before, it is a pretty impressive ship.  When you walk up to it, the thing is HUGE!  It is one thing to see a picture, but another to stand right in front of it.  I didn't care for our tour guide, but the ship was interesting.  I've toured the submarine they have at the site before and if i were serving, I'd definitely rather be on the battleship than the sub.  Much more spacious (not to mention fresh air)!

We had Cole with us for the day too and he even did pretty well through all the tours and info.  He was especially impressed with the big guns on the battleship!


March visitor fun

March didn't start out too well, I was sick for a full week and the kids were down with the same thing for a couple of days.  Then my brother Dan came for a visit and we had a good time being tourists around the island.  We don't usually take the time to be tourists, every time someone visits we end up seeing parts of the island we've never seen before.

We had a busy first day after he arrived, we did two hikes, made a stop at the Pali overlook, and then went down for a picnic dinner at the beach to see the sunset.  I think everyone was well worn out by the end of the day.

Hiking Diamond Head
2nd hike - Makapu'u lighthouse - Adam is getting tired...
Pali Overlook - it was windy!

Sunset pic that Dan took