Summer days

The last few days have been really pretty hot. Little to no wind and humid, so it's been perfect weather to get wet. Here are just a couple shots of the boys thoroughly enjoying themselves in the kiddie pool.

Latest stuff

Last Friday Adam had a sleepover with one of his buddies. The three boys had a great time playing. Adam fell asleep at bedtime right away and the other two were up for a while talking and playing with toys. Now they can't wait to switch and sleep over at their house...
We went for a hike on the Aiea loop trail last weekend. It was a very nice trail, well worn and easy for the kids to walk on. It also had another wonderful grove of eucalyptus. I just love walking through those, the smell is so soothing (and it keeps the mosquitoes away!). It still amazes me that you drive through heavily populated areas to get to the trailhead and then once you're on the path you really feel like you're miles away from civilization. So the hikes are a nice little escape from the crowds of people everywhere else on the island.


Our MN trip

Well I can't believe just how long it's been since I've updated the blog. I guess it's been so long now that it's a daunting task to update it so I keep putting it off.

Well after we recovered from our virus last month we finally made it on a plane to MN. We had to delay the flight by a day to give Adam another day to recover. Once we were there we had a good time. Most of the rest of my siblings were home so we all had a good time visiting. The weather was nice and it was nice to feel some 'spring' weather instead of the perpetual summer (not that I'm complaining about the Hawaii weather!!).

I just put a bunch of pictures from this past month on my Picasa account. Here is a link to them. Enjoy! I'll have to do some more blog updating soon...