Fourth of July

This is my catchup day for the blog. I finally got organized to update the last couple weeks at least.

We drove up to Hannibal for the fourth of July to George's (Dan's brother). We made it up just in time for the parade. Adam was very excited to get candy that they threw and pretty much ate all of it as he was watching the parade. After the parade we headed to George's house. All of this must have been pretty exhausting, because Dan and George were out cold...
We headed out to a good vantage point for the fireworks. This was a new spot for the fireworks this year due to the flooding that they had. It was a nice park area for the kids to play while we waited a couple hours for the big show.
As soon as it got dark, Cole got a little scared and was glued to Dan and wouldn't let go. Then when the fireworks started, he wouldn't even turn around to look at them, he just kept his face buried in Dan's shoulder. Adam enjoyed the fireworks, it was the first show either of them had been to. It was a late night since we headed back after the show was over.

T minus 2 weeks

We're two weeks away from our last day in St. Louis. It doesn't seem real yet, probably won't until we're standing in our empty house in Hawaii. We should close on the house in Hawaii next week. Dan is making one more trip to hawaii before the big move, so I'm sending air mattresses and pillows with him to leave at the house for when we get there.

Before we head to Hawaii we're spending a week in San Diego. Monsanto is putting us up at the very beautiful Loews resort for the first three days for the awards ceremony for the award that Dan won through work. After that, we're heading over to a cheaper hotel for the rest of our stay! We plan to see the zoo while we're there and possibly the natural history museum (Adam has been asking to see dinosaurs in a museum). We don't really have a plan for what else we'll see, maybe SeaWorld, but I think we'll decide once we're there. At the end of July we head for our new house. If I've filled out all the paperwork correctly and jumped through all the right hoops, with luck the pets will arrive in Hawaii a couple days later.

A day at the gardens

Last week Dinah and I took a trip down to the botanical gardens and met her mom and dad there. We drove down together and the kids had a great time in the van making goofy sounds and just plain being silly. Here are the three 'brothers' at one of the fountains at the garden.
Joey and Adam below being really sweet
Joey, Cole, and Dani
Adam and Dani like to flirt. We kid that they'll get married someday.
Our little flock...
They had a cool sculpture display going on this year at the gardens. Here are Adam and Joey in one of them.
Dinah helping out Cole at the sprinkler park in the children's garden
Joey and Adam
Adam taking a break with Dinah's dad behind the chair
All of us had a great time at the garden. We thought the boys would be completely exhausted, but they chatted away on the way home. I think Cole did fall asleep right before we got home. We had a great little day adventure, I'm going to miss our playdates with Dinah, Joey and Dani!