'THE' birthday present

As a kid, there is always one present that you just HAVE to have.  For Adam, it was the AT-AT walker toy from Star Wars.  The boys live, eat, and breathe Star Wars.  I told him it was too expensive since we were throwing a big party this year.  But then I checked and it had gone on sale on Amazon (plus free shipping of course!).  Then mom said she'd sent money for Adam's gift instead of trying to ship something.  Plus, Adam had a  non-stop campaign of how he was eventually going to afford to get one of these.  He was trying to figure out what jobs he could do to buy one.  

So between the good sale, my contribution, mom's contribution, plus the money I made Adam chip in out of his own money, he got an AT-AT walker.  It is the size of a medium size dog, but at least it doesn't eat or poop.  The boys love the thing and have their figurines in and out of it play acting out the movies with it.  It is suprisingly well made, really sturdy - so I think it was a good buy in the end.  


The big 0-7

Adam turned 7 today, and we had a big party for him over the weekend.  I had managed to put off having a big party until now, but early on he kept asking and asking so finally I gave in.  So we invited a bunch of kids he knows from the neighborhood, MOMS Club, and school.  We rented a bounce house and had pizza and cake.  It was a good time!  The kids all wore themselves out bouncing and playing on the playground.  We had a game with silly string and a pinata too.  Adam said it was the best party ever.  I reminded him we weren't doing it again next year :)
Adam outside his bounce house
Bounce on kids!
Birthday cake and candles
Cole and one of his buddies
Adam's with the mask decoration off his cake.  
After the party was over, we had a lot of fun family bounce time.  It was a good time and a good workout!
The party was a great time and I'm glad all the planning is over!

Time Warp Ahead

Not sure what happened to January and most of February.  I seem to have pictures of us doing things, but it is all a blur.  Here are a few random pics from Jan/Feb...

More bike riding, but our usual trail has been flooded lately due to all the rain so we've had to turn around earlier and do a shorter distance.  
Here is Cole, our little Jedi in training.  Note the three additional lightsabers clipped onto his shorts (which are about to fall off with all the weight!)
I took one evening to go downtown with a photography group and take pictures at sunset and then photograph the fireworks that the Hilton shoots off.  It was good practice for evening photos.
Cub scouts has kept us busy, here is Adam at the fire station tour we did with the scouts
And Cole got a day out at the zoo with the MOMS club.  He LOVED the goats.  We spent at least a half hour with the goats and he wanted to go back and visit them again later on.  I had seen enough goats by that time.  

The big event this month was Adam's birthday party.  I'll post pics of that next...