Trains - digi scrapbook layout


It has been COLD here the past couple days. I know, I grew up in MN but it's amazing how fast you get used to warmer temperatures. So we haven't been outside playing or walking that much, I've mostly been heading to the gym to get a little exercise.
I've been searching around for a preschool for Adam for next fall. That seems crazy to me, but if you want to get into the preschool you want, most applications need to be returned in Jan or Feb. Two of the closest preschools by us are Montessori (read that as $$$$) and I'm sure they have a good curriculum, but I just couldn't see spending that kind of money on preschool. So I'm going to send him to the church preschool where we go to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). Our church doesn't have a preschool (I'm not sure why, since they run a catholic elementary school), and he's already familiar with the other church through MOPS. They do storytime, crafts, focus on a letter of the alphabet a week, etc. All the typical preschool stuff, for about 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of the Montessori schools by us. He'll only be going 2 days a week for 3 hours in the morning.
Adam started swim lessons a couple weeks ago. He has been a little uncooperative with the teachers, he'd rather do his own thing, at least that's how he was at the first lesson, especially at the start. Dan took him the second week, so I didn't see how he compared with week 1. Hopefully he was listening even better by the second one. He seems to look forward to it though, so I think he likes it.

I'm signed up to start a digital scrapbooking online class tomorrow that runs for 4 weeks, so I'm excited about that. It will cover a lot of new techniques in Photoshop that I haven't used much, so I think I'll learn a lot from it. I've really been having a lot of fun doing the digital scrapbooking and have gotten quite a few pages done lately.
Our new bike (the quad) is supposed to be in soon too. I think it should probably be here around the end of next week. So then Dan can start on the assembly. I hope it's done by the time nice weather hits around here. I can't wait to see it when it comes.


Time flies

Time sure flies by. Before I know it it's been a couple weeks since I've added anything to the blog. Last week I went to Susie's wedding (Dan's niece) and had a really good time. The boys' big sister, Amy, was in town and so I was really glad to get a chance to catch up with her a little bit. She was one of the bridesmaids in Susie's wedding so she was in town for just a few days for the wedding.
Amy bought Cole the latest Tickle Me Elmo doll and I love this thing. I play with it as much as the kids. If you pose Elmo just right he'll do 'secret' little dances and things and you can't help but smile when he just keeps laughing and laughing. The moves Elmo does are pretty impressive too, he'll roll around on the ground laughing and then stand right back up. I'll try to put a video of Cole and Elmo in, this is my first attempt at adding video to the blog...

Dan's been home for two weeks over the holidays so it will be another shift in routine for us to have him back at work. The boys have loved having him home, Cole always goes to look for Dad first thing when I get him out of the crib, so I imagine he'll be a little disappointed when Dan goes to work on Monday.

Adam starts swim lessons next week, so this should be interesting. When we've had him at a hotel in the pool, he doesn't want to put his face in the water normally. So I'm curious to see how he'll do in the classes. It would be nice if he could get to where he could swim around more by the next time we take a trip and stay at a hotel pool. I think he'd have a lot more fun. Although he is a lot more comfortable in a pool now than he was the first time, so it'll probably be fine. Cole is fearless in the water (too fearless), so maybe I should start him on lessons earlier rather than later before he learns to be afraid...

On the biking newsfront, we found out our quad bike is supposed to be on the schedule to be painted next week. Then the paint takes a few days to cure and then it should be ready to ship. So with any luck, we should have it by the end of the month. Then all Dan has to do is take 10,000 little parts of this bike and assemble it into a quad before riding season. :)