Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope you all stuffed yourselves :)

We had a nice bike ride in the morning along the bike path that goes past Pearl Harbor. The path goes past Best Buy, and at 10am Thanksgiving morning, there were already at least 6 tents set up for sales the next morning. I guess people did it back in St. Louis too, and I'd rather camp out in Hawaii weather in late November than St. Louis!

We had turkey and the works, and several hours later I'm still quite full...


Only in Hawaii

So we stop by Sam's Club today to get a few groceries. I'm browsing the store and all of a sudden I hear Hawaiian drums and I'm thinking 'this doesn't sound like a CD' so I go check it out. Right there in the middle of Sam's, there is a Hawaiian percussion band of 6 or 7 people drumming away. So we sit and watch for a while with the crowd of people that has gathered. The kids loved it, but they kept covering their ears because the drums were pretty loud. Then the dancers came out and we had a mini-luau performance right there in Sam's Club, it was great! The group was there promoting their books and CDs. I never saw anything like that in the Sam's Club in St. Louis...


Dole Plantation

I took the boys on a fun little trip on Monday up to Dole plantation where they have (what else) pineapples! This was a lot of fun for a morning outing. Here are the kids outside the entrance (don't they look thrilled to be here!). This is Adam's standard picture face lately...

They have a little train that goes around the plantation, which is half the reason we went here - to ride the train.

The train ride went past orchards that had all different kinds of tropical fruit trees, and then it went out into the fields of pineapple. For those who haven't seen what a pineapple looks like when it grows, here it is. The pineapples are kind of perched on a sturdy stalk up above the foliage. Kind of like a flower stem, but instead there is a big pineapple sitting on top.The view from the plantation train ride was beautiful with the mountains in the backdrop.
The plantation also has a gardens with lots of plants that you typically see grown in gardens around here. I enjoyed this so I could put a name to some of the plants I see around. The kids liked the paths that looped around and the fish pond.
They had a great snack bar where we got a plate lunch and then, of course, we had to get the frozen pineapple dessert. They were quite tasty, almost worth the trip just for the pineapple ice cream.


Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet...

Another Halloween, another 10lbs of candy... The boys had a Halloween party on Wednesday where they trick or treated from table to table, I think there must have been at least a dozen tables set up, so they got a load of candy that day (as well as a make-your-own-cookie station, see Cole below with his black icing!). They got so much candy that Adam said 'we don't even need to go out trick-or-treating on Halloween!'. And of course, he was right, but we had made plans to go out trick or treating with another family, so it was going to be a fun time anyways.
As usual, Adam is not thrilled about getting his picture taken these days. I lined them up to take pictures before going out on Halloween night and he just pouted.
Here are Adam and Cole with their two new buddies that they met a couple weeks ago. The kids are roughly the same age and play pretty well together. So we had a robot (Adam), little red riding hood (Teanna), UPS delivery man (Taiyo), and an astronaut (Cole).

After a while, our kids pooped out. I carried Cole for a while and then he ended up riding in the wagon and Dan carried Adam. They were asking to go home while their friends wanted to go get more candy. I'm surprised that Adam and Cole had decided they had enough. I didn't think they ever could get enough candy! I guess we could have let them dig into their stash for a sugar boost. Well, I've already eaten my fair share of the Halloween candy, and we begin our yearly calorie-laden slide into Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think I need to get out there and do more running in the morning...