Last bit of June

We went to the Pacific aviation museum with the cub scouts.  I hadn't been out there before, it was a good tour.  We started out in a flight simulator room, where the kids all had computers with flight joysticks and controls.  The instructor walked us all through how to takeoff and land, even on an aircraft carrier.  We toured through the museum of planes, and then into a hangar they use for restoration (pic on upper left).  A closeup of the hangar windows is on the upper right, hopefully it shows up int he small picture, but there are a lot of bullet holes in the windows - those are the original bullet holes from when that hangar was strafed during the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The kids got to climb into a couple of the planes, and met a survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack who still volunteers at the museum.  

The last bit of June, we went to the Polynesian Cultural center, they were running a June special for residents, so we went to enjoy the cheap entry fees...

Now we're well into July already and the kids go back to school Aug 1.  This summer is flying by!

June, part 2

Quickie recap, just more fun stuff.  A lot more beach time in June, the kids at a magic show at the library, and Dan and Adam showing how we pick papayas at the house :)  Also, I made my first lei!  It's about time, three years in Hawaii and I finally made a lei from the plumeria trees we have in the yard.  It turned out pretty, and very fragrant!

June, part 1

Another full month of fun, the kids went to a birthday party that was held at a horse rescue farm just near our house.  The people running the place were very nice and friendly, they told us about the different horses that had come to live with them and taught the kids a few things about horses.  There was a petting zoo with ducks, rabbits, guinea pig and a goat.  Then the kids got to ride a horse.  Cole was thrilled, he had the biggest smile the entire time he was on the horse.  Adam was not so sure, he said he liked it, but he didn't look like he was having fun!

Straight from the birthday party we headed to camp on the windward side at Bellows air force base.  The beaches are so gorgeous on that side of the island, and bellows beach has great bodyboarding for the kids.  We had a good time at camp (again!)