June, part 1

Another full month of fun, the kids went to a birthday party that was held at a horse rescue farm just near our house.  The people running the place were very nice and friendly, they told us about the different horses that had come to live with them and taught the kids a few things about horses.  There was a petting zoo with ducks, rabbits, guinea pig and a goat.  Then the kids got to ride a horse.  Cole was thrilled, he had the biggest smile the entire time he was on the horse.  Adam was not so sure, he said he liked it, but he didn't look like he was having fun!

Straight from the birthday party we headed to camp on the windward side at Bellows air force base.  The beaches are so gorgeous on that side of the island, and bellows beach has great bodyboarding for the kids.  We had a good time at camp (again!)

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