A bunch of misc adventures

Now that I look back through our Nov photos, I realize we've kept plenty busy!

Early in the month we went to a carnival with rides.  It was really expensive (they all are I guess), but it was fun on the rides.  
We also had a school family fun night at the bounce house.  Adam enjoyed the boxing and jousting rings that they had there.
At the last cub scout meeting, Adam earned his bobcat badge (the one you get after you learn all the cub scout promises, pledges, salutes, etc.).  It was a cute ceremony where they got their faces painted with each color respresenting different virtues.  
And then we finally made it back to the beach this weekend and had a nice relaxing morning at the beach.  I even got to swim with a sea turtle in the lagoon, the first time I've seen one at this beach.

Aloha!  And I'll try to keep the blog a little more udpated!

Photo Class

I've been taking an online photography class this month so I've been busy reading and looking at photos for class instead of blogging.  It is a good class on using a DSLR.  I've read most of the material before, but it is helpful having an instructor giving you the tips and hints as well as feedback on photos.  The class I am taking is by Katrina Kennedy at Get It Scrapped called 'Your life through the lens'.  

So here are some of the photos that I have posted for class.  I'll post some updates of what we've been up to as a family too!

Photos of moving subject
Using a shallow depth of field (blurred background)
Photos with negative space (blank space)

We're halfway through the class and I've been able to move to using Manual mode on my DSLR quite a bit.  So its been very useful in getting to know my camera better.  Can't wait to see what is in the last 3 weeks of class...


My tropical harvest

I cut the first bunch off our banana tree the other day and put it in a bag to ripen it.  Here is our bounty.  They are quite tasty too!  The next batch is ripening in the background and I've got a few more on the tree waiting to be cut.  Mmmm!  Now if my papayas would get busy and grow....
      Apple Banana


Happy Halloween!

Scouts - Camp Pupukea

The cub scouts had a big festival day on Saturday.  The boys had a good time, just a few pics of the fun.  Adam really enjoyed the 'eating a doughnut from a string' game :)