Green Eggs and Ham

For the past couple of weeks, Adam's class has been practicing doing 'Green Eggs and Ham' by Dr. Suess. On Friday, they had their big debut. It really was cute. Adam's line was 'I do not like them Sam I Am'. Since that comes up several times in the story, he gets to say it several times. He did a great job, all the kids did. There was an outside dramatic arts program that came in and worked with the kids. One of their big goals was to get the kids to step out of their comfort zone and get past their fear. So none of the kids looked scared or talked soft when they got up, so the people must have done a good job with them.

Like a good mom, I took a video:


Yes, MIA again

I really, really don't know where time goes some months. Here it is, more than a month from my last post. Well I got a new computer, so that ate up some of my time getting things transferred and everything set up just the way I like it. I have no idea what I did for the 3 weeks before that. Let see...

I did a parent-child preschool class with Cole during winter quarter. He had a really good time being in a classroom with other kids. Part of the program was a field trip and we went to a watercress farm. It was really interesting. Watercress is a salad-type green that grows in (surprise, surprise) water. It has an interesting flavor, it kind of reminds me of radishes. It is tasty stuff, fairly popular around here. Anyways, on the tour we got to see how they grow and harvest the watercress and got a bunch at the end to take home.

Adam really wanted to go to the Children's Discovery center, so one Furlough Friday we headed down there. We spent four full hours there and I'm sure they would have stayed longer but the place was closing. Below are Adam and Cole doing winter - Hawaii style (sledding and ice fishing).

They had tons of dress-up, role play areas for the kids. Here is Adam passing judgement on Cole (I'm sure the verdict was guilty...)
And here are my two little news anchors
They had a ship that you could raise and lower the flags on, load and unload cargo with a working hoist, ring the bell, it was great fun for them.
Adam enjoyed the Japan theme area

We've been keeping plenty busy,I'll certainly try to update more soon!