This winter sure has been a bit crazy. One day we'll be outside without jackets and the next day we've got winter coats, hats, and mittens. It has done this several times now this winter. It's hard to know what to plan for one day to the next.

We did get a nice snowfall that was plenty for the kids to play in and to build a snowman. Like most snow around St. Louis, it was gone in about 3 days, which is ok with me anyways. It makes it hard to push the stroller around with snow on the sidewalks.

The BIG bike came the other day too. Dan's got it half put together in the basement already. We'll have it put together as a triplet for now until Cole is old enough. Probably next summer he'll be able to do some rides. When Dan lined up the pieces of the quad, it really looked bigger than I expected. It doesn't look much bigger than the tandem when it is set up as a triple, but for some reason that extra segment makes it look much much bigger. Once it's all put together, we'll have to start out with some short rides and start adding distance for Adam to get used to doing more riding.

I've got more new pictures posted on my online album. Click on the link here:



Another digi scrapbook page

Here's the latest page I did, this one is part of the digital scrapbook class I am taking. That class is taking up all my time on the computer, so I haven't updated much lately. I've got more pics to add soon, and the new quad bike just came in today, yay! So I'll try to put up more soon.