Where has the time gone?

It's been quite a while since I've posted again. I just don't know where all my time goes sometimes. We've been pretty much into the school routine during the week and biking on the weekends trying to be ready for the Honolulu Century ride next weekend.

Here's a few random pictures I've taken during the month. The one on the right is the new building Dan has been putting up, he took us out to the farm to see the changes last weekend.
This weekend we did a morning ride and then after lunch and shower we headed out to the airshow at Hickam Air Force Base. The traffic heading into base was pretty heavy and they parked us in a HUGE lot (it was actually an airfield just outside the hangar area). We took a shuttle over to the show and I think Cole thought that was the best part (we walked back to the truck at the end instead of taking the shuttle and when I asked him how he liked the show he said 'I wanted to ride the bus again').
Cole on the bus
We made it there and looked around at a couple of planes before the Thunderbirds show started. A lot of the planes were open to go inside and look at.

The Thunderbirds took off a short time later and I really enjoyed the show. Adam lost interest after a while and Cole was a little tired. But at least at the start they seemed to enjoy it even though some of the passes the planes made were very loud.
The cargo planes they had open to visitors were enormous, they made the airliner planes there look really small.

I liked this hangar on the way out- so this is what you do when the plane won't fit...
Cole was 'helping' me tonight when he was supposed to be in bed so I took his picture in his new jammies. He's got new pajamas and guess what he's going to be for Halloween. Double duty jams.

It's been a long day so I will be off to bed now.


Finally, a page done

Just took a quickpage template and dressed it up a bit. I like how it turned out.