San Fran Fun!

Three of us moms managed to plan a mom's weekend out last month, we took a 4 day trip to San Francisco!  It was an awesome time, we did a city tour, an evening show, and a napa wine country tour, as well as eating lots of wonderful food.  It was such a nice little trip, I definitely could have stayed longer - there was so much to see there.  

My favorites of the weekend were the Napa wine tour and the tour of Alcatraz.  The wine tour was so relaxing and it was beautiful there (not to mention warm! San Fran was kind of chilly the weekend we were there).  We toured four wineries and did the tasting at three of them.  That was one happy busload of people by the time they loaded us up from the last winery.  We sampled some good wine, had a wonderful lunch and just enjoyed a beautiful day on the tour.

I also really enjoyed the Alcatraz tour, but I kind of enjoy all those history channel shows too...  It really is beautiful out on Alcatraz island, I'm sure it wasn't if you were in innmate, but you can't beat the views of San Francisco.  It was interesting to hear all about life on 'the rock' and some of the people that were incarcerated there.  The thing I noticed is that it was so cold and windy there, I'm sure it was a miserable place to be a prisoner.  You'd probably be cold all the time living there.  

Other fun stuff:  the food was fabulous in the ferry building - lots of good restaurants and bakeries.  We had the best garlic crab meal in San Fran one evening.  Golden Gate park looked really cool, if I had more time to explore, this is definitely one place I'd go back to see.  And lastly I think it is actually more expensive to live in San Francisco than in Hawaii.  Real estate there is even expensive by Hawaii standards!  

Here's a photo recap:

(Clockwise from upper left) Golden Gate Bridge, Mina in Lori's Diner, cable car, ferry building, yummy cupcakes in ferry building, seagull at the bay, chinatown, Sotto Mare restaurant

Boat to alcatraz island, entrance to Alcatraz, me at Alcatraz, alcatraz, inside alcatraz cell, the painted ladies (victorian houses), Jen and Mina on the tour bus, victorian house

Trolley car, view of San Fran from Alcatraz island, wine casks on winery tour, poppy, cable car, Mina and Jen on winery tour, me with the aging wine

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