May Misc

Just some random pics from May.  

Ru and our new bunny Mr. Bun Bun (originally Mrs. Bun Bun we were told when we got him that he was a girl.  Oops!).  They still aren't getting along too well, the bunny tries to chase and bite the cat.  Mr. Bun Bun may have to go in for a little 'attitude correction' (i.e. get him fixed).  

I had my 40th birthday, the kids got me a really awesome card and of course I got a cake.  So now it's another year older (and another decade!).

Adam also had his end-of-year party for school.  Here he his hamming it up with some of his first grade buddies.

More pics to come of my fun, fun, fun trip to San Francisco at the end of May...

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