Kids will surprise you

Today we went to Monkey Joe's which is one of those bounce house places for kids to have a holiday pizza party. Adam had a great time and was just a gem the entire time. Then when it was time to leave he had a big time fit, wouldn't put his shoes on, etc. and I ended up chasing him down and carrying him kicking and screaming back to put his shoes on and repeat out to the car. He spent the afternoon in his room once we got home to cool off and take a nap if he wanted (yeah, right). After he apologized for his behavior later, he got to come out and play. Then if he didn't go and vacuum the whole breakfast room floor for me. He said he wanted to vacuum and he crawled around and got every little speck of food on the floor. Then he went and vacuumed the family room too. Just when you're ready to sell them to the highest (or any) bidder, they go and do something sweet.

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