San Diego

We spent a week's vacation in San Diego. First Monsanto put us up at the Loews at Coronado Bay for the manufacturing excellence award that Dan won this year. That was a great resort, so beautiful. The first picture shows the little citrus grove that was right outside our building. Dan, Adam, and Cole would go out in the mornings for a little breakfast treat. It doesn't get any fresher!

I loved San Diego, the scenery was gorgeous and the weather was just fantastic.

A view out the balcony of our hotel.
Boats in the Coronado Bay
We rented a surrey bike and took it for a spin down the bike path.
I could have stayed in that hotel forever I think. But we did switch hotels once we were footing the bill :) The next couple days we spent at the San Diego Zoo and the Birch aquarium. Both were very cool. We also managed to meet up with my friend David from grad school for dinner one evening while we were there.

Below, Dan and Adam on the bus around the San Diego zoo. Cole was sick on this part of the trip so he was completely wiped out.
But he did perk up when we got to the children's part of the zoo. He loves the baby goats...
Then after about a week in San Diego, we hit the road again. Here we go on our way to Hawaii.

For a bunch more pictures from San Diego, check out this link:


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