Scouts Makahiki Festival

There is a big scouts fair in the spring here called the Makahiki festival.  The various packs set up booths with games and there are also fun activities and hands on activities by other organizations and the branches of the military.  Adam's scout pack was chosen to start out the festival by singing 'God Bless America'.  The mayor gave opening remarks after the boys sang.  Here is a picture of Adam with the mayor of the City and County of Honolulu, Peter Carlisle. 
And here is a video of them singing...

The boys had such a good time there.  It is an obvious recruiting opportunity for the military (start young!) and the boys loved it.  They got to crawl in all the big military trucks and hold the big guns, even the rocket launchers!

At least I have a few years to wait before they want to run off and join one of the armed forces.  

Here are some of the other fun things:  fishing (Cole won a goldfish and then dumped it in the stream to join the other fish as we walked back to the car), obstacle courses, ride teh bull, and a zip line.  Even Cole did the zip line, I was proud of him.

 Adam on the zip line
 Cole on the zip line
The scouting event was a lot of fun, I'm definitely glad we went!

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