Tandem tandems

Of all the weird coincidences in life... The friends we had met a while back with kids the same age also have a tandem. We had discovered that a while ago but they hadn't done any tandeming with their kids other than short rides carrying the youngest around the neighborhood. They got a trailer recently, so they went on their first longer ride around the area with us. We had a good time, we went down to the Pearl Harbor bike path and then out to Ford Island, since they have military ID.

Here's a shot of us all heading out down the neighborhood street by our house.

Me and Dan in front of the Utah memorial at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor.
Another family shot near the Utah Memorial. It's always handy to have someone else there to take some pictures for you. :)
It's really hard to get pics of yourself on the bike, so we were trading cameras back and forth to get pictures of us on the bikes.

Here's a gorgeous, old banyan tree that we happened to go past on Ford Island.
The ride worked out really well. The kids had fun all playing together when we'd stop and we had a nice pizza lunch on the way home. We plan to go on another ride in the near future, it's good to have someone to ride with here too.

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Dinah said...

Awesome photos and looks like a fun day out with friends.