Doing a little LOST stalking

I drove up to the north shore of Oahu today to try to see them doing some filming on the TV show 'LOST'. Turns out they were filming elsewhere today but we did see the cabins they often use in the others camp and the blue VW van. There was a work crew setting up fabric tents on the beach that I imagine will show up on some future episode. I'll have to keep an eye out for them while I'm watching the show.
We drove out to the end of Farrington Highway, I've heard that they do some filming out past where it turns into a dirt road. I really didn't want to take my car in there, so we just parked at the end and the kids ran around and explored. It was gorgeous out there...
Then we went back and tried to find what one book calls the LOST beach. Apparently they do some filming at Makaleha Beach. From the looks of it they hadn't filmed there recently but it was a nice beach. It was loaded with driftwood and the boys had a good time building things in the sand out of the driftwood.
So we didn't get to see any stars on our little outing, but at least now I know the areas to look if we know they're filming up there one day. Even if they're not filming, there's always the beach!

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